Symptoms of Special Kids

When diagnosing autism, specialists will look for a number of symptoms in each of these areas. The symptoms in these areas of development can differ significantly and vary according to the age of the child.

Behavior, interests and activities

Most children with autism are determined to keep to very specific routines and tend to show significant signs of distress if these routines are interrupted or changed. They tend to have limited interests and are often preoccupied with one particular interest or activity. An example of this behavior is the repetitive lining up of an exact number of toys in exactly the same manner rather than playing with them. Another example is memorizing dates and phone numbers, which they repeat to themselves incessantly.

Quite often, a special kids child will have a fascination with a specific object, toy, tool or even body parts. Some children will have a favorite stick, piece of cloth, cup and toy that they will take with them everywhere or hold on to. Trying to take this away, will cause distress and in some cases very agitated or aggressive behavior.

Autistic children also often fall into patterns of repetitive and purposeless movements of hands, body or head. Examples of such movements are: hand flapping, head banging, rocking and swaying. Abnormalities in posture such as tiptoe walking and odd body postures are also often observed.

Many children with autism also tend to keep touching different body part e.g. they might put their hands on their head or slap their heads with both hands. In severe cases children will go as far as hurting themselves repeatedly and may have to wear protective clothing. Some children will also show extreme signs of aggressive and harmful behavior towards themselves and others.


Cure for Down’s Syndrome

There is no “cure” for down’s syndrome, but there is much that can be done to help someone with the condition lead a healthy, active and more independent life.

This includes:

  • Good parenting skills and an ordinary family life.
  • Education and support groups to provide information and help to parents, friends and families.
  • Early intervention programmes to provide support for children and parents.
  • Access to good healthcare, including a range of different specialists.
Alternative Cure for Down Syndrome

To be more effective and potential in treatment, Chinese Master using traditional medical systems originates from China 5000 years ago. The effectiveness and good result of Neuron acupuncture treatment for autism has been proven by many of Chinese physician in the world. Chinese Master is one of them. He shows the good result in Malaysia. Many of autism patients in Malaysian had meet him for autism treatment. Some of the autism patients also come from others country to meet Chinese Master for autism treatment.

Even acupuncture Chinese Master also using secret herbs that plant in The Tole Garden. Chinese Master has to confirm the herbs quality that provided to his autism patients. Good quality herbs can help to treat the autism more efficiency. Herbs are generally safe and increases strengthen and tone the body’s system. The correct herbal therapy may be an experienced provider knowledgeable in herbal.


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